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About pepVax, Inc.

PepVax, Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company developing a DNA-based drug delivery and development platform. Our novel DNA plasmid delivery system takes a simplified method to delivery and our “Trojan Horse” approach uses the patient’s own cells to manufacture the required proteins, T-cells and antibodies in vivo for cancers, infectious and genetic diseases.

The Company

PepVax was formed in 2013 to develop, market, and license its patented SMARTmid™ platform. Through various agreements with biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, PepVax, Inc. will be able to accelerate its entry into the NAA drug development market. Company operations are beginning to stabilize due to expected revenues and maintenance of operating expenses. The company will make a point of aggressively protecting its intellectual property, which is the foundation of the company. With the use of proven bioinformatics tools, and the candidates constructed, PepVax will be able to enter the NAA drug market via licensed agreements and research drug development contracts.

The Problem

Manufacturing cell therapies, DNA, RNA and proteins ex vivo have always been a problem, especially in scale up and cost. The process also takes weeks and in the case of cell therapies, it is very painful for the patient. With administration of externally manufactured drugs of these types, there are also strong possibilities for anti-drug-antibodies (ADAs) or over-acting immune responses leading to potential autoimmune reactions like cytokine storms.

Investment Opportunity

PepVax is currently seeking equity financing, sufficient to enable the company to:
• Develop, characterize, and scale production of a SMARTmid™;
• Establish collaborations with academia and industry;
• Ramp business development efforts aimed at securing strategic partnerships, alliances, and licensees.
PepVax expects negative cash flow from operations to continue at least through its third year of operation. PepVax will require additional funds to expand or enhance its sales and marketing activities and to continue product development. The company's future capital requirements will depend on numerous factors including its own efforts and the efforts of its collaborative partners to commercialize its products; continued progress in research and development programs; relationships with existing and future corporate collaborators, if any; competing technological and market developments; costs involved in filing, prosecuting, and enforcing patent claims; time and costs of commercialization activities and other factors. The company estimates that, at its planned rate of spending, its existing cash and cash equivalents and the interest income will be sufficient to meet its capital requirements for 6 months-1 year before needing more financing.

Value Proposition

Our SMARTmid™ platform will prove to be vital to drug development industry and will gain fast acceptance in our targeted markets. Licensed agreements will give our products domestic and international market penetration. PepVax’ corporate customers will enjoy the benefit of careful research and development of our proven formulations, which will enhance our ability to establish strong drug development partners.

Investor Summary

• PepVax is on the verge of rapid growth in sales in a booming marketplace.
• Agreements are being actively pursued in order to ensure that PepVax with have market share internationally.
• Drug delivery and development technology is state of the art and new applications are being developed.
• PepVax has strong IP for its drug delivery and development platform.

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